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So time has come to revive my blog, and what better to do that than to shine it up with a bit of the upbeat security

October 06, 2014 in #Configs

Planning for the upcoming season

So Christmas is coming up, and aside from having already bought my plane tickets - I'm neither in the mood yet, nor started on decoration the

November 09, 2011 in #Reallife

DNSSEC joys, part three

Today I received an email from support, which stated, that the formular I'd used to request DS records to be put in my zone

November 03, 2011 in #Configs

DNSSEC joys, part two

I've used a few minutes this evening to research the status of DNSSEC DS records for .net with as the registrar. It turns out

November 03, 2011 in #Configs


So I finally got time to look into having my own DNS zones signed. However doesn't allow for doing this yet - at least

November 02, 2011 in #Configs
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