Netbeans and Maven 3

Today I had to run some Junit tests from inside a Maven project with Netbeans. Surprise in 8.2 they're still stuck at 3.0.5. So since this project inherited from an upstream POM, which wanted 3.1.5 as a minimum - this would just not work.

I spent some time trying to use my external maven, which was at a much more current version. Suffice to say - Maven moved from M2_HOME to M3_HOME as their environment variable for the path to Maven, which made that not even possible.

Needless to say - the hunt was a bust, and I decided to just cut to the chase and do the debugging the old fashioned way (it's a very short project as it is anyway).

But really Netbeans - how about keeping up with the most used build system for Java? I mean, it should be close a nobrainer really!

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